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Lightroom Mobile - Editing course

Lightroom Mobile - Editing course

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  • The basics

    Learn the basics of navigation, organization, and editing tools to kickstart your journey towards stunning photo transformations.

  • Masking

    Master masking in our Lightroom course: precise edits, professional results.

  • Lightroom Pro

    Masterful editing for all -beginners to experts. Elevate your photos effortlessly

Alessandro Di Cicco

I've always wanted to be unique, and in a world full of photographers standing out is very difficult.. My world is colorful and in it took me years and years to achieve an unique way to use colors, this is what makes my style unique and easy recognizibile

Example of the masterclass

  • Organizing your photos

    Learn how to efficiently organize your photo library within Lightroom's catalog system, making it easy to find and manage your images.

  • Lightroom Overview

    Explore every editing feature and tabs in Lightroom, fully understand what every function does and how it's useful in editing.

  • Reading a Photo

    Alessandro will teach you how to analyze a photo and identify areas that need improvement, whether it's exposure, color balance, or composition.

  • Recovering Photos

    Explore the art of recovering underexposed and overexposed photos. Learn how to salvage details, restore balance, and breathe new life into your images with precision editing techniques.

  • Cleaning Up Your Photos

    Discover techniques for cleaning up your images, including removing blemishes, dust spots, and distractions to ensure your photos look flawless.

  • Red Eye Removal

    Say goodbye to red eyes in your portraits! Alessandro will demonstrate how to easily remove red eye effects using Lightroom's tools.

  • Full Photos Editing

    Learn and follow full editing lessons, such as Portrait, Landscape, Animal, Objects and more

  • Masking Techniques

    Master all types of masking techniques, including recovering underexposed and overexposed photos, to refine and enhance specific areas of your images.

  1. Intro
  2. Sections
  3. The basics of Lightroom
  4. Importing photos
  5. Edit Tab
  6. Overlays Tab
  7. Healing Tab
  8. Red Eyes Remove
  9. Masking - Subject & People
  10. Masking - Sky
  11. Masking - Object
  12. Masking - Radial & Linear
  13. Masking - Color Range
  14. Masking - Luminance
  15. Playing with masks
  16. Creating a Lightroom preset
  17. Editing Multiple photos
  18. Exporting & adding watermarks
  19. Full editing: Portrait 1
  20. Full editing: Portrait 2
  21. Full editing: Portrait 3
  22. Full editing: Froggy & Butterfly
  23. Full Editing: New York

Master your editing

"I've been following Alessandro for more than 5 years now and his editing course, it was great! He has clear teaching style, helpful tips, covers a wide range of topics and styles. I highly reccomend this course you won't regret it.

  • Multiple website covers by Alessandro

  • In 2017 Alessandro was voted as 1 of the top 5 most influential photographers in the world

  • Pubblished multiple times by Canon official photo selectors

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    3.5 Hours


    Photo Editing




    Original Photos


    Begineer - Expert




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