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Perfect Portrait - Photoshop Action

Perfect Portrait - Photoshop Action

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Perfect portrait is a collection of portrait actions to make your portrait look amazing. Divided in 5 sections - Skin - Eyes -Mouth - Hair - Finishing Touch.

Skin - Easy skin edit, frequency separation, dodge and burn, skin toning, skin texture

Eyes - Iris, Contrast , Veins remover , Red eyes remover , Eye colour , white aerea

Mouth - White teeth , lipstick , lip gloss

Hair - Hair enhancer , hair color, hair details


  • 9 Skin editing actions

  • 8 Eye editing actions

  • 4 reflection actions

  • 4 Hair editing actions

  • 7 Mouth editing actions

  • 2 finishing actions

  • TOTAL: 34 Actions


✔ Works with all versions of Photoshop

✔ Digital Download

✔ One click install



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improve your photos, simple & fast.


Photoshop actions are created to make editing easier, they are extremely easy to install and easy to use, achieve great results in just a click.


Photoshop Actions are one of those little tools that you’ll never be able to work without once you start using them. They can help save time and make certain types of photo corrections and image editing a breeze.

  • For all versions of photoshop

  • Digital Download

  • Windows Compatibile

  • Apple Compatibile