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The 455 Best Poses for Fashion & Size Plus – Digital Book

The 455 Best Poses for Fashion & Size Plus – Digital Book

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Why i Wrote this Book

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you show up to a fashion shoot, snap a few main poses quickly, and run out of ideas on how to get the most out of this shoot?

Do you feel that you are missing some references of poses for fashion and Plus size?

Then this PDF is for you.

Well … with Our New Book “Best Poses for Couples” this will never happen to you again since we have selected the best 320 poses for every situation!

Lights, camera… POSES! Never again will you run out of ideas on how to direct your Fashion and Plus Size poses. Learn to direct pose by pose like a professional in the field of fashion. Get instant experience with our fashion digital book. With it, we make the work involved in directing and photographing your models much easier , since we have gathered a lot of international quality material for your benefit.

Improve your photos by using our poses, your photographs will be much better, your clients are very satisfied and delighted with your professionalism. Your broad mastery of the art of directing poses for fashion will be demonstrated by the excellent results you will obtain.

  •  Make your photo life easier and take all the guesswork out of posing.
  •  Save valuable time on photoshoot.
  •  Take your photography to the next level.
  •  Make posing 5 times easier.
  •  Easy access to mobile phone at any time.

✔  455 Poses
✔ +40 Categories
✔ Over 85 situations covered
✔ Printable
✔ Mobile Access
✔ Smart Use


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Never miss a shot

Benefits of Posing

Learn how to get better images by mastering the art of directing poses.

The formula is simple, if you want better portraits you have do make your customers poses better.

And not only that, when you master the art of posing you will enjoy a lot more the process.

Anywhere, everywhere

You can see the posing guide on your Pc ,Mac or laptop, or if you are out shooting you can see it on your mobile phone or ipad.

The artist

Gerardo Gutierrez is an Award winner profesional photographer specializing in advertising and corporate photography. Gerardo has over 12 years of experience in teaching photography.

  • 167, 803 Followers
  • 75,000 Students
  • 17,730 Graduates
  • Lory Bowers

    “I have many of Guti’s books, they have helped me and facilitated my work, I definitely recommend them if you are a professional or an amateur.”

  • Chris Piontkwoski

    "It's a must for those who like me change places, models on a daily basis, its a true game changer."

  • Rosy Ricon

    "Good material I purchased many books of poses and the examples are clear, and the videos are clearly explained."

  • Dani Olson

    "Great great stuff, i have downloaded the books on my phone and i use them in every shooting."

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  • quality approved

Perfect. Every time.

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