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Wedding Photo Editing Service

Wedding Photo Editing Service

Platinum Retouch for weddings is a high quality service we provide for wedding photographers.

When we entered the world of Wedding we understood 90% of the photographers were using up their time in choosing photos and editing, this causes delays in deliveries, stress and problems with payments as clients get upset.

But we understand this, a single wedding takes up a lot of time, a day for shooting, and infinite hours for choosing the photos and editing, so, we came up with this service to help out wedding photographers save up time.


These are our main services

  • Image Correction
  • Photo Editing
  • Photo Manipulation
  • Photo chooser
  • Photo storage
  • Book Design
  • Consultancy

We provide different services,  so timing may be different.

From 2 to12 days.


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Platinum Retouch Services

Image Correction

Our image correction begins with the arrangement of the temperature and colors to finish with the arrangement of lights, shadows, whites and blacks.

Photo Editing

We will fully edit the photos of the entire event. We will deliver finished and beautiful looking photos ready for delivery, guaranteeing a high service quality.

Storage Photo

Your Photos will never be lost. We keep your shots for you on our servers so that they will never be lost.

Photo Manipulation

Only on request our team will be
able to create Realistic photo montages

Book Design

Our team of designers will design your the wedding book for your customers.

How does it work?

Our System is extremly simple. The photographer sends us the photos - Our Editors will choose and edit the photos - We Will send back the photos edited and ready to deliver.

  • Without Platinum Retouch

    ❌ Delivery delays

    ❌ Negative Feedback for delays

    ❌ No Rest

  • With Platinum Retouch

    ✔️ Delivery of wedding in less than 20 days

    ✔️Positive feedback for fast delivery

    ✔️Quick payment

    ✔️ More Rest

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